Aneil Agrawal awarded Steacie Fellowship

Congratulations Aneil

Professor Aneil Agrawal has been awarded NSERC’s EWR Steacie Fellowship. Aneil was recognized as html5-dom-document-internal-entity1-quot-endone of the worldhtml5-dom-document-internal-entity1-rsquo-ends most promising evolutionary biologistshtml5-dom-document-internal-entity1-quot-end who html5-dom-document-internal-entity1-quot-endis conducting ground-breaking experiments that put longstanding theories to the test.html5-dom-document-internal-entity1-quot-end More about his research on the evolution of sex and on how mutations enter and are removed from populations can be found in a Q&A with Aneil:

Steacie Fellowships are awarded to enhance the career development of outstanding young university faculty. Fellows are relieved of teaching and administrative duties for two years, so that they can devote all their time and energy to research. In recognition of the awardhtml5-dom-document-internal-entity1-rsquo-ends prestige and the increased time available for research, fellows also receive a research grant of $250,000

Aneil Agrawal

(photo courtesy of NSERC)

See Aneil’s profile and pictures on the NSERC web site