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Faculty, staff and graduate students are located on all three campuses of the University: St. George (downtown Toronto), Mississauga, Scarborough, and at the Royal Ontario Museum.

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Name Title Contact
Chair’s Office
University Professor Marla Sokolowski Sokolowski, Marla B.
EEB Chair
University Professor, FRSC
Milani, Adriana
Assistant to the Chair 416-946-3340
Undergraduate Office
Mideo, Nicole
Associate Chair, Undergraduate
Associate Professor
de Borst, Colleen
Undergraduate Advisor and Programs Administrator 416-946-8612
Huynh, Amy
Undergraduate & Student Outreach Coordinator 416-978-2084
Graduate Office
head shot of Don Jackson Jackson, Donald
Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
Rodd, Helen
Graduate Coordinator
Lam, Kitty
Graduate Administrator 416-978-7172
Khan, Fazia
Communications & Graduate Coordinator 416-978-0004
Carpenter, Jennifer
Science Communication Facilitator 416-795-1783
BIO120H/BIO220H Courses
Wheeler, Jill
Assistant Professor, BIO120H/BIO220H Course & Lab Coordinator 416-978-5446
Chong, Veronica
BIO120H/BIO220H Course Administrator 416-978-5463
Heslin Piper, Laura
BIO120H/BIO220H Course Administrator 416-978-7588
Williams, Karen
Course Administrator
EEB225H1 and EEB240H1
Growth Facilities
Cole, Bill
Chief Horticulturist 416-946-8780
Gludovacz, Tom On leave
Horticulturist 416-946-8780
Patille, Shawn
Horticulturalist 416-946-8780
Laboratory Technicians
Cruz, Carlos
Lab Manager 416-978-0975
Fenech, Dominic On leave
Teaching Technician 416-978-2508
Hu, Jack
Lab Technician 416-946-8780
Zhao, Dongling
Lab and Course Technician 416-978-2508
Teaching Technician 416-978-4064
Admin & Finance
Yeager, Diane
Chief Administrative Officer 416-978-6515
Pytlowany, Mary
Reception 416-978-8514
Brar, Robbie
Financial Officer 416-978-3248
English, Jenn
Payroll Officer & KSR Financial Officer 416-946-0025
Harris, Chris
Financial Department Assistant 416-978-8514
Ramirez, Diana On Secondment
Financial Department Assistant 416-479-9278
Information Technology
MacDonald, Ryan
IT Coordinator 416-978-6060
Hotchin, Adam
IT Technologist 416-978-6060
McGuire, James
IT Technologist 416-978-6060
Koffler Scientific Reserve
Stinchcombe, John
Director, Koffler Scientific Reserve
Distinguished Professor
Molnarova, Radana
Station Manager
Koffler Scientific Reserve
English, Jenn
Payroll Officer & KSR Financial Officer 416-946-0025