The Cabinet: EEB's sci-art space presents its second artist: Liz Menard

Liz’s work explores the Don River and its invasive plants.

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Solanum dulcama

Liz Menard: Nature of a River

16th June – December 30th, 2015

Watersheds are living entities with richly layered histories, narratives and morphologies. In her work, Liz Menard explores the Don River watershed, and the boundaries where the river and the city of Toronto converge. She is interested in how we are changing the river, its animals and plants. Menard draws from her time sketching, photographing, and researching the river to create etchings, paper sculptures and books. Menard’s etchings are made by carving an image into wax-covered copper plates that she dips in ferric chloride; wherever the copper is exposed, the ferric chloride etches the metal. The plate is then inked, covered with dampened Japanese paper, and printed using an etching press. In response to the plants’ colour, form, and texture, Menard embellishes her etchings with hand stitching. The Cabinet also displays some of the 2,000 handmade deciduous tree leaves that Menard has cut from Japanese paper since 2010 in response to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation in her Toronto neighbourhood.

Menard is a multidisciplinary artist living in Toronto.