2015-16 EEB's Undergraduate Research Fair

This year’s Undergraduate Research Fair event was a great success. Twenty-nine students showcased the results of their independent research projects.

2016 undergrad research fair
(left to right; Stephanie, Talia, Aleksandra, Jessica, Jasmina, Caressa, Lucy)

Three students were recognized with Certificates of Excellence for having the best poster in their category:

Talia Lowi-Merri (Prof. David Evans); Comparative Evolution

Lucy Genua (Prof. Ben Gilbert); Ecology & Conservation

Caressa Tsai (Prof. Alan Moses); Molecular Evolution & Evolutionary Genetics

In addition, Honourable Mentions were awarded in each category:

Stephanie Blain (Prof. Hernan Lopez-Fernandez); Comparative Evolution

Aleksandra Dolezal (Prof. Marie-Josee Fortin); Ecology & Conservation

Jessica Phillips (Prof. Peter Molnar); Ecology & Conservation

Jasmina Uzunovic (Prof. Stephen Wright; Molecular Evolution & Evolutionary Genetics

Congratulations to all participants for their excellent work!

Thank you to the judges and to all those who attended.