2019 Undergraduate Research Fair

The 2019 Undergraduate Research Fair on Friday, April 5th 2019 featured 30 posters from 17 different labs. The passion and professionalism of our undergrad project students was astounding!

Please give special compliments to the winners of the Corey A. Goldman Prize for Best Research Poster in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology! The award is named after former Associate Chair, Undergraduate Chair Corey A. Goldman who devoted many years to developing the robust, interactive and engaging undergraduate program at EEB.

This year we had four categories, with an award winner and honourable mention in each. As usual, it was a challenge for our panel of judges to make their selections. Congratulations go to…

Poster prize awardees (left to right top to bottom with award certificates): Joshua Craig (Ecology & evolution of mutualism and parasitism, Stinchcombe Lab), Natasha Klasios (Genetics, environment and GxE, Rochman Lab), Edita Folfas (Life history ecology and evolution, Mahler Lab), and Elenore Breslow (Biodiversity and morphology, Sage Lab).

Honorable mention awardees (left to right. front): Matthew Coffey (Genetics, environment and GxE, Stinchcombe Lab), Madeleine Prater (Biodiversity and morphology, Fortin Lab), Cole Brookson (Ecology & evolution of mutualism and parasitism, Krkosek Lab), Natalia Hrynko (Life history ecology and evolution, Rollinson Lab).

Thank you to all the students who devoted their time, their intellect and their dexterity to their research projects. We also appreciate the guidance of the faculty supervisors and graduate students who mentored them along the way. This year’s panel of judges were: Ben Gilbert, Karl Grieshop, Sebastian Kvist, Anna O’Brien, David Punzalan, Joanna Rifkin, Njal Rollinson, and Alex Tinus.

Finally, we should all be grateful to the hard work of the undergrad office staff for putting the event together! Thanks to Colleen de Borst Kerluk and Amy Huynh for their event coordination and set-up efforts. Thanks also goes out to the previous department chair Don Jackson and current department chair Stephen Wright for their continued financial support for the Research Fair, which is critical to making it a success.

Thank you,
Asher Cutter