EEB Undergraduate Research Fair 2020 - Best Research Poster Winners

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology usually holds an intimate poster fair at the end of the term, giving our talented fourth-year students the opportunity to showcase their poster projects for the entire EEB community.

This year we held the fair online at as it was important to us to celebrate the hard work, dedication and intellect of our undergraduate project students despite not being able to do so in person.

Please give special compliments to the winners of the Corey A. Goldman Prize for Best Research Poster in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology! The award is named after former Associate Chair, Undergraduate Chair Corey A. Goldman who devoted many years to developing the robust, interactive and engaging undergraduate program at EEB.

Congratulations go to:

Category: Global change & organisms
Best Poster (Corey A. Goldman Prize Winner): Mariel Terebiznik (Mahler Lab)
Honourable mention: Paula Pietraszkiewicz (Wright Lab)

CATEGORY: Global change and ecosystems
Best Poster (Corey A. Goldman Prize Winner): Hayley McIlwraith (Rochman Lab)
Honourable mention: Phaedra Otwey (Fortin Lab)

Category: Ecological Interactions
Best Poster (Corey A. Goldman Prize Winner): Zoe Parshuram (Frederickson Lab)
Honourable mention: Sydney Gram (Moncalvo Lab) 

CATEGORY: Genetics, Evolution, and Environment
Best Poster (Corey A. Goldman Prize Winner): Amanda Peake (Wright Lab)
Honourable mentions (tie): Youngseo (Clara) Jeong (Agrawal Lab) and Micha Sibolibane (Weis Lab) 

CATEGORY: Evolution of Biodiversity and Morphology
Best Poster (Corey A. Goldman Prize Winner): Milly Hong (Claramunt Lab)
Honourable mention: Sebastian Scott (Evans Lab)

As usual, it was a challenge for our panel of judges to make their selections. This year’s panel of judges were: Prof. Adriana Bravo, Andrew Chin (Fortin Lab), Megan Greischar (Mideo Lab), Karl Grieshop (Agrawal Lab), Ludovic Hermabessiere (Rochman Lab), Prof. Don Jackson, Katja Kasimatis (Cutter Lab), Anna O’Brien (Frederickson & Rochman Labs), Prof. Locke Rowe, and Santiago Sanchez-Ramirez (Cutter Lab).

Although not yet eligible for the prize, several third-year students also had the opportunity to showcase their projects.

Thank you to all the students who devoted their time, their intellect and their dexterity to their research projects. We also appreciate the guidance of the faculty supervisors and graduate students who mentored them along the way.

Continue to take care of those around you, and don’t forget to be good to yourselves!