Awards & Recognitions

CSEE President's Award 2019 recipient: Professor Marie-Josée Fortin

Professor Marie-Josée Fortin (University of Toronto) is the 2019 recipient of the President’s Award for Research Excellence in Ecology and Evolution. The CSEE President’s Award is the highest distinction conferred by the Society, and is given every second year to a Canadian scientist in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions that support the research objectives of the Society. 

Professor Fortin is a spatial ecologist with broad interests in conservation, movement ecology, disturbance ecology, to landscape genetics with expertise in spatial statistics and network theory. She is the author of numerous textbooks, book chapter, and peer-reviewed papers. At the 2019 CSEE meetings in Fredericton, Dr. Fortin delivered the President’s Award Lecture, “Ecological Networks in Dynamic Landscapes”. The President’s Award recipient is invited to publish a review in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London (B).