Enhanced weathering and increased CO2 capture in a temperate forest watershed, Hubbard Brook

Event Details

October 22, 2018
2:00 pm
ES 3042


David Beerling

Speaker: Professor David Beerling (FRS) – Sheffeld University
Host: Rowan Sage

Formal seminar will take place on Tuesday at 4 pm in the Centre for Global Change Science seminar series at the Bahen Centre for Technology located at 40 St. George St.Room, BA1190.

Talk Title: Enhanced weathering as a land-based CO2 removal strategy: an integrated program


The recent IPCC’s 1.5 Report indicates we are nowhere near limiting warming to 1.5oC. Not only do we need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, but these actions need to be combined with strategies for extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to avoid a climate catastrophe. This is a formidable task and it is too early to back winners and losers. Enhanced rock weathering is a CO2 removal strategy that may offer a pragmatic carbon cycle intervention strategy for removing some of our anthropogenic CO2 emissions while safeguarding food and soil security. Unlike other carbon removal strategies being considered, it doesn’t compete for land used to grow food or increase the demand for freshwater, but what would deployment look like and what might it cost? This talk will address these issues.