Linking ecology with macroevolution using plant-arthropod interactions: mutualisms on the tree of life

Event Details

February 9, 2018
12:00 pm


Speaker: Marjorie Weber, Michigan State
Host: Megan Frederickson

Marjorie Weber

I am an evolutionary ecologist, interested in how ecological interactions impact phenotypic evolution and diversification across evolutionary scales. My research focuses on interactions between plants and arthropods, and evaluates hypotheses that link plant-arthropod interactions with macroevolutionary pattern. I work in many systems, including ant-plant and ant-mite mutualisms, plant defense against herbivory and disease, and plant-pollination interactions. I am particularly interested in understanding the role that species interactions play in the evolution of bizarre phenotypes, such as the fascinating structures found on plants that attract and retain arthropod bodyguards.