Why Bayes: not an argument for but an explanation of

Event Details

April 1, 2013
12:00 pm
RW 432


Michael Escobar, Dalla Lana School of Public Health


If one gave a “Why Bayes” seminar 35 years ago, it would be a passionate plea to use a rarely used statistical approached based on (claimed) philosophical grounds. Now, Bayesian methods are widely used and are often the “go to” method for complex applied statistical problems. So, this “Why Bayes” talk will discuss why Bayesian methods have become so popular, form an introduction to the big applied advantages of Bayesian methods, and perhaps tell you why you should consider Bayesian methods.

If you would like to meet Michael, he says:

I would love to meet anyone who would want to talk to me. I teach in the afternoon from 2-5 on Monday. So, I could meet people on Monday morning. Also, since I’m on campus, I could talk to anyone who would want to meet me the next day, Tuesday or Thurs (except from 2-3:30 when I am teaching (in RW)).