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Dak de Kerckhove

Assistant Professor, Status-Only

PhD, University of Toronto



I am an ecologist who works on both applied and theoretical questions in aquatic ecosystems with an emphasis on forging collaborative projects among academic, government and industrial partners to improve our understanding and management of Canada’s natural resources. A few of my recent research projects include:

(1) Ideal Gas models of predator-prey encounters in the pelagic zones of lakes
(2) The use of allometric models to predict the species composition and production of fish communities
(3) Development of fisheries acoustic protocols for population assessment and environmental monitoring
(4) Identification of indicators of fisheries production for use in environmental assessments under federal and provincial legislation
(5) Estimates of rate of fish habitat degradation in Canada, and how it influences rates of fisheries exploitation

Please see my research website for more up-to-date information, collaborators and publications.