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Nicole Mideo

Associate Professor
Associate Chair, Undergraduate

BSc, University of Toronto
PhD, Queen’s University


Prospective Students:

I am currently accepting MSc and PhD students. Interested applicants should send a CV, an unofficial transcript along with a cover letter summarizing their research interests, academic background, and skills. Please check my lab website for additional details.


I study the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases through a combination of theoretical and empirical approaches. I am interested in understanding the factors that regulate patterns of infection within and between hosts, and how these factors interact to shape disease evolution.  My research answers questions like: how and why do interactions between parasites and hosts differ across closely related parasite species and genotypes? Are these differences due to host traits, parasite traits, or their interactions? Which factors have shaped parasite traits that determine disease severity and infectiousness? Which factors will accelerate or constrain the evolution of these parasite traits when selective forces change, e.g., due to interventions or environmental change and associated shifts in host, vector, or disease distributions?

See my webpage for publications