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C. Tomomi Parins-Fukuchi

Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Michigan
PostDoc, University of Chicago

ESC 3049

Prospective Students:

I am currently accepting MSc and PhD students. Interested applicants should send a CV, an unofficial transcript along with a cover letter summarizing their research interests, academic background, and skills. Please check my lab website for additional details.


I am a computational evolutionary biologist with roots in paleobiology, molecular evolution, and phylogenetics. My research is focused on harnessing large-scale genomic and phenotypic datasets through the development of computational approaches to address fundamental evolutionary questions. I am particularly interested in understanding the evolutionary processes and patterns underlying the emergence of novel and complex phenotypic traits. In general, I seek to uncover the limits of our ability to infer the evolutionary processes that drove large-scale evolutionary patterns over deep time by combining information from genomes, phenotypes, and the fossil record.