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Mark Ridgway

Assistant Professor, Status-Only

PhD, University of Western Ontario

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My research covers basic and applied areas of fish ecology and aquatic science in support of resource policy and management for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Questions ranging from behavioural and population ecology, life history and habitat use through to watershed scales are topics of interest to me.

My recent areas of concentration are:

  • Fish monitoring and habitat ecology
  • Lake Huron coastal ecosystems
  • Reproductive and population ecology of smallmouth bass ~ a long term study of the nesting population of smallmouth bass in Jones Bay, Lake Opeongo.
  • Brook trout ecology, life history and conservation

    Check the aquatic research list for more descriptions of these and other projects.


  • Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Studies, Trent University
  • Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto