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Gary W. Sprules

Professor Emeritus

MA, Princeton
PhD, Princeton



The general theme of research in the Sprules’ lab is the structure and function of lake food webs. Over the past few years the lab has investigated the food web impacts of invasive species, the spatial structure of organisms and consequent effects on trophic interactions, and the theory and application of particle size theory. Research has been conducted on a wide range of organisms including algae, zooplankton and fish and has involved both laboratory and field experiments as well as field surveys. Collaborations with other scientists are routine to ensure a comprehensive programme of food web research that provides a stimulating environment for graduate students. Recent projects have included impacts of food web disruption on whitefish in the Great Lakes and adjacent inland lakes; a food web model of the Lake Ontario pelagic ecosystem designed to evaluate the efficacy of reintroducing bloater to the lake; effects of the invader Bythotrephes on the native macroinvertebrates Chaoborus, Mysis, and Leptodora; spatial distribution of marine zooplankton on the Scotian Shelf; effects of wind on the spatial ecology of zooplankton in Lake Opeongo, Algonquin Park, Ontario.