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Helene Wagner


Dr. sc. nat.
ETH Zurich

DV 3048
DV 2032

Prospective Students:

I am currently accepting MSc and PhD students. Interested applicants should send a CV, an unofficial transcript along with a cover letter summarizing their research interests, academic background, and skills. Please check my lab website for additional details.


I am a landscape ecologist. My main research interest lies in understanding how human landscape modification affects biodiversity. Specifically, I’m interested in how landscape heterogeneity shapes the species diversity of local plant communities by modifying ecological processes such as dispersal and inter-specific interactions. The research in my lab falls into three broad topics:

  • Spatial Ecology: Assess spatial patterns within populations and communities to infer underlying processes and assembly rules.
  • Metacommunity dynamics: Relate scale-dependent components of species diversity within and among community to landscape structure and landscape change.
  • Landscape Genetics: Provide a mechanistic link by testing landscape effects on gene flow.