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Field Courses

The Summer 2024 application period has closed.

Field courses offer small class size with opportunities to travel across the globe, from U of T’s Koffler Scientific Reserve (north of Toronto), to South American tropics, Algonquin Park, and many other spectacular places.

We typically offer 1 or 2 field courses each year taught by EEB professors and instructors. Our department is also part of the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) which allows U of T students to take field courses offered by other universities in Ontario without having to apply for transfer credit. There are usually up to 20 different field courses to choose from. These courses are conducted world-wide in the tropics, the arctic, the mountains, as well as many in Ontario.

These slides provide an overview of the field course application process.

Field Courses 

EEB403H-Tropical Field BiologyDATES: August 2 – August 16, 2024

Location: Peru
Instructors: Megan Frederickson & John Stinchcombe
Course Description

EEB406H-Inter-University Field CourseDates: Various

EEB405H-Temperate Field BiologyNOT OFFERED SUMMER 2024

Location: Koffler Scientific Reserve, King City, ON
Instructors: Megan Bontrager & Ben Gilbert
Course Description

Important Notes

  • The University’s Grading Practices Policy states that some graded work be returned before the date to cancel a course without academic penalty. Please be aware that this is not practical for a two-week field course. 
  • If you intend to graduate in November, the field course final grades may not be available to allow for degree completion.
  • A note on grades on ACORN: for UTSG students, OUPFB courses are coded as EEB406H0Y: Inter-University Field Course (H meaning it is a half course but Y meaning the course takes place all summer). This is because OUPFB courses have various dates. We must wait until we receive grades from all the OUPFB modules that UTSG students went on during the summer to update grades in ACORN. This means your grade may not be posted on until late September or early October. This is especially important for those students who are planning to graduate in November.
    • Please note that in some cases those students who have received their grades and are planning to graduate in November must have their grades submitted to ACORN by a specific deadline. Those students who haven’t received their grades by that deadline will receive a 0, which will be amended as soon as the grade is available. This happens only if their are graduating students and cannot be avoided due to the various OUPFB final grades must be submitted under one course code.
  • For St. George students: If you paid tuition per course in the Fall/Winter session, you will have to pay summer tuition and incidentals. If you pay tuition as a flat program fee, summer tuition may be waived. Students who are enrolled in the field course only (i.e., not enrolled in any other courses over the summer) and if the field course counts towards satisfying a program requirement, the tuition for the field course will be removed with incidental fees remaining. This is only applicable if you were charged on a program fee basis for the previous Fall/Winter Session. Please note that you must pay the incidental fees before the deadline, however. The incidental fees will be credited back to you sometime in July only if you do not enroll in other summer courses.


St. George Campus

Amy Huynh

Mississauga Campus

Diane Matias

Scarborough Campus

Ivana Stehilk

Photo by Nicholas Ypelaar