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How to apply

Students apply to the Life Sciences program stream upon entering their first year of studies.

As you near the completion of your first 4.0 course credits (or their equivalents), you will be able to officially declare your Program of Study (POSt) in an EEB program.

For more information about Programs and how to add them, please visit the Program Toolkit on Sidney Smith Commons.

If you have specific questions about applying please contact the Arts & Science Recruitment Team at

Photo by Patrick Moldowan

The Department

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) at the University of Toronto is home to broad, interdisciplinary and highly collaborative research.

The department expertise entails:

  • Biological diversity
  • Conservation biology
  • Molecular evolution
  • Population and quantitative genetics
  • Computational and statistical data analysis
  • Genomics
  • Animal behaviour
  • The ecology of populations, communities, and ecosystems
  • Mathematical theory in biology,
  • Environmental biology
  • Systematics

We are committed to producing world-class scientists, educators and professionals through undergraduate education.