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EEB Allyship Network

The Allyship Network is an inclusive, vetted, and trained support network that is dedicated to listening and providing resources. We are here to stand beside members of underrepresented groups and other community members that have experienced unwanted or unwelcome behaviour.

Ally Members:

Aneil Agrawal (he/him)
Anna O’Brien (she/her)
Ariel Greiner (she/her)Grad
Athmaja Viswanath (she/her)Grad
Bailey Hewitt (she/her)Grad
Emma Walker (she/her)Grad
Jill Wheeler (she/her)
John Stinchcombe (he/him)
Karen Williams (she/her)
Luke Mahler (he/him)
María C. Tocora (she/her)Grad
Mariel Terebiznik (she/her)Grad
Matt Osmond (he/him)
Nicole Mideo (she/her)
Tia Harrison (she/her)Grad