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Atwood Colloquium in Ecology & Evolution

Wed. April 24 & Thur. April 25, 2024

Mark your calendars & plan to attend the 18th Annual Atwood Colloquium Wednesday, April 24 & Thursday, April 25, 2024.

Click here to view the: Atwood 2024 Schedule

The Atwood Colloquium is our department’s major event of the academic year. This special two-day event provides the opportunity for our students, postdocs, and faculty to showcase their own work and learn about other work in our department. Biologists from all three U of T campuses as well as the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) participate in this event. In addition to our own biologists, three guest speakers are invited each year. 

A major highlight of the Colloquium is the Atwood Lecture, which is given by an outstanding senior scientist who is selected by the graduate students. Two rising stars, one ecologist and one evolutionary biologist, are also invited to participate. 

The Colloquium provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about the most exciting research in ecology and evolution being done at U of T and abroad. At the various social events surrounding the seminars, students, postdocs, faculty, and guests interact, learn, and generally have a good time!

Atwood Chair: Mete Yuksel
Atwood Organizing Chairs: Gavia Lertzman-Lepofsky and Tolulope Babalola

This year’s three invited guests:

Atwood Lecturer:
Mercedes Pascual,
New York University

Rising Star in Ecology:
Lauren Shoemaker, University of Wyoming

Rising Star in Evolution:
Luis Zaman,
University of Michigan

Past Keynote Speakers

Atwood Lecturer

2023: Kevin Lafferty
2022: Marlene Zuk
2021: Andrew P. Dobson
2019: Sharon Strauss
2018: Mark Vellend
2017: Butch Brodie
2016: Hopi Hoekstra
2015: Sally Otto
2014: Dolph Schluter
2013: Johanna Schmitt
2012: Naomi Pierce
2011: Ray Hilborn
2010: Ruth Shaw
2009: Mike Ryan
2008: Daniel Pauly

Rising Star Ecology

2023: Laura Dee
2022: Sara Mitri
2021: Paulo Brando
2019: Chelsea Wood
2018: Malin Pinsky
2017: Elizabeth Wolkovich
2016: Rob Pringle
2015:Louie Yang
2014: Meghan Duffy
2013: Julia Baum
2012: Stefano Allesina
2011: Jennifer Rudgers
2010: Helene Muller-Landau
2009: Mark Urban
2008: Jon Shurin

Rising Star in Evolution

2023: Kelly Matsunaga
2022: Jerome Kelleher
2021: Scott Taylor
2019: Alison Wright
2018: Molly Schumer
2017: Catherine Wagner
2016: Britt Koskella
2015: Emma Goldberg
2014: Sinead Collins
2013: Alexei Maklakov
2012: Andrea Sweigart
2011: Daniel Bolnick
2010: Patrik Nosil
2009: Leonie Moyle
2008: Kelly Dyer

Previous Schedules:

Atwood 2023 Schedule, Atwood 2022 Schedule