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University of Toronto Excellence Award

The 2023 competition is closed.

Award Value: Minimum of $7,500. $5,250 is provided by the University, and must be matched by a minimum of $2,250 from the student’s supervisor or the academic unit. Any supplement above this level may be set at the supervisor’s or department’s discretion.
Duration: 14 weeks between May 1 and September 30

The purpose of University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA) is to provide opportunities for research experience at the undergraduate level; to augment the formal research courses offered by the University of Toronto; to give undergraduate students opportunities to experience different approaches to research in various fields; to help students learn and appreciate the investigative methodology of areas of particular interest; and, to provide students with an experience that will allow them to make informed decisions about pursuing careers in research.

This is a competitive two stage process that involves an initial selection step at the Departmental level followed by a final decision step at the Faculty level. There is no guarantee that your application will be selected.

Students who have submitted an application for the NSERC USRA will automatically be considered for the UTEA and do not need to submit an application. Note that international students are eligible for UTEA and should submit the UTEA application only.

Eligibility Requirements

For a full details and eligibility requirements, please visit the UTEA homepage.

Read through the Program Guidelines.  

What to Submit

The 2023 competition is closed.

Photo by Nicholas Ypelaar